Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR)

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The Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research analyses data from across the public sector, exploring what linking it in new ways can reveal.

We work with our partners to ensure the evidence and trends we spot are highlighted so the public, civil society and decision-makers have access to the information they need, for the benefit of all.

Our directors, researchers, staff and affiliates are from a range of leading institutions across Scotland, and the centre itself is hosted within the University of Edinburgh. We are led by Professor Chris Dibben and our co-directors.

Together, our team:

  • delivers cutting-edge applied research with real-world impact;
  • leads debate and influences practice; and
  • improves access to data and builds researcher capacity.

Our research uses administrative data to examine issues from across society in Scotland and the UK.

Alongside the Scottish Government, we form ADR Scotland, the Scottish element of the ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK) partnership, working to improve access to administrative data across the country. We are funded by UKRI / ESRC, as part of the ADR UK partnership.

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