Credits and thanks

Longitudinal study projects study people over time and so it is fitting for our homepage to feature images of Scottish people through the ages. The style and quality of the images provides an interesting visual of imaging technology as well as our changing relationship with the camera. From stiff portraits to the relaxed smiles – what we see is a reminder of change.


With thanks to…

  1. iStock, for – Engraving From 1873. The Scottish Minister and Head of the Free Church of Scotland, Thomas Chalmers. Chalmers lived from 1780 until 1847.
  2. National Galleries of Scotland, for – Burd Alane by David Octavius Hill, photographed around 1860.
  3. National Galleries of Scotland, for – At Auchmithie. Name unknown. Possibly the daughter of a fisherman. Photographed around 1881.
  4. James Morley, for – Norman and Archie S Dickins, January 1880, by Wohlgemuth Studio, Glasgow.
  5. Dave Conner, for – James Gordon – Chief Constable of Ross & Cromarty Constabulary from 1888 to 1898.
  6. Dave Conner, for – Sgt Archibald Grant Inverness Burgh Police 1905.
  7. Andy Potts, for – Thomas Sorbie aged 2 and Margaret Dallas Sorbie aged 3, circa 1921
  8. Andrew MacLachlan, for – The stairs leading to our front door, Campbeltown, Scotland, circa 1930-40s
  9. Robbie, for – My Mom, aged about 17, in or near Motherwell, Scotland, circa 1940.
  10. Andy Potts, for – Mairi and Margaret Sorbie, pictured on Loudoun Hill, Ayrshire, circa 1963.
  11. Liz Sharp, for – Me, a school photograph, circa 1960.
  12. Patrick Williot, for – The family, Nairn, Scotland, circa 1986
  13. iStock