Dr Zhiqiang Feng

Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Human Geography & Geographical Information Science

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Dr Zhiqiang Feng’s┬áresearch interests cover population geography, health geography, health inequalities, GIS, spatial analysis, longitudinal models, multilevel models, migration, commuting, and fuzzy classification.


Flowerdew, R, Feng, Z and Manley, D (2006) Constructing data zones for Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.

Exeter, D, Feng, Z, Flowerdew, R and Boyle, P (2005) Shrinking areas and mortality: an artefact of deprivation effects? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 59, 924-926.

Exeter, D, Boyle, P, Feng, Z, Flowerdew, R and Schierloh, N (2005) The creation of ‘consistent areas through time’ (CATTs) in Scotland, 1981-2001 Population Trends 119, 28-36.

Boyle, P, Exeter, D, Feng, Z and Flowerdew, R (2005) Suicide gap among young adults in Scotland: population study British Medical Journal 330, 175 – 176.